Rod Hutchinson

The Legend is back! Over 30 years of innovating the carp scene... Rod Hutchinson returns..... The “Rod Hutchinson Company” was founded between 1979 and 1981 by Mr. Rod Hutchinson in Lincolnshire, England. He wasn’t only a pioneer of carp fishing but also the most influential developer of carp baits and tackle. It was at that time when all the legendary flavours and mixes were created. His technical and scientific approach to carp fishing was one of the factors to make carp fishing the fascinating sport it is today. He passed on his experiences and his wide knowledge in several books and articles that still today are compulsory reading and highly appreciated by carp anglers all around the world. At the height of his career Rod sold high quality carp fishing products all around the world. From Soviet Russia to the United States from Norway to South Africa. But when he retired from the daily business in order to concentrate on angling and the development of new products, the company experienced a temporary setback. But when in 2008 the company moved to Northern Italy it was given a modern management and an extraordinary service model. It turned out to be a wise decision as from the centre of Europe our transport routes are a lot shorter and we manage to distribute our products faster, which gives us a big plus on customer satisfaction.