Korda Kaptor Carp Hooks - Kurv Shank

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These hooks represent the biggest breakthrough in hook manufacture… ever.

We took our critically acclaimed Kurv Shank pattern and coated them with the industry’s first coloured PTFE finish to make them blend in even better. The ultra-sharp Kaptor point has been left uncoated, because the development team had noticed that uncoated points were sharper. To preserve the eye-wateringly sharp point, each hook is ‘capped’ with a rubber blob. This process ensures that the sharpest point in the carp world stays just that. Each hook is then clipped into a bespoke packet so that it stays pristine until you need it.

The Kaptor Kurv Shank is available in Weed Green and Gravelly Brown camouflage. The colours have been carefully selected to closely match the most common lake bed conditions. The Korda team is in an excellent position to do this because of our extensive underwater experience. What this all means is that carp will find your rig much more difficult to spot on the lake bed, even up close. The Kaptor Kurv Shank is an awesome hook that lends itself to a host of cutting-edge presentations such as the Muzza, The KD and Withy Pool.