Kryston Super-Silk Super Fine Diameter Hooklink

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This extremely low diameter braid gives superb presentation, making it an excellent choice for pursuing line-shy, wary fish. Constructed entirely from pure high strength fibres to give maximum strength and abrasion resistance making it ideal for fishing snaggy areas. The 14lb version has been purposely braided into a flat profile which when under pressure follows the curve and outline of the carps mouth minimising damage. The 20lb version is the standard round profile. Both of these breaking strains have proved to be outstanding on heavily pressured waters. If you fish venues where resident fish have seen everything and are proving difficult to catch then Super-Silk can make all the difference. Stealth is the key to fool extremely line shy wary fish and this super braids fine diameter certainly can give you that edge. Super-Silk is just above neutral buoyancy so unlike stiff links or heavy fast sink braids it will not restrict or tether the natural movement of hook bait. If required its sink rate can be fine tuned in seconds to the degree of your choice by rubbing the centre section of the rig with Drop Em braid sink or by using tiny slivers of ‘Heavy Metal Extra’. For a camouflaged effect simply rub in bank-side material mud/silt or colour using marker pen. Lets be honest, there are times when they are having it and times when they are being damn right fussy. For those struggling days Super-Silk can make all the difference. A long time favourite with those chasing pressured wised up fish. A well-known angler once pleaded with us "Please do not promote Super-Silk too much because it’s my greatest edge!"

  • Super Silk Availability - 20m Spool - 14lb