Rebel Pike Mackerel Deadbait

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Conditions for Online Orders of Frozen Deadbait -

  • Minimum Orders of 8 Packs Only (smaller orders will be refunded)
  • Choose "Frozen Rebel Pike Box" at checkout (shipped in Kingspan Poly Fish Box)

Often referred to as Joey's, our Mackerel are packed super fresh.
The Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is always in a pikers arsenal. It has a mottled green / blue back traversed with numerous black lines and a silver underside. An old and trusted bait for pike fishing, can be used whole or cut in half, the head and tail ends have proved equally as good as the other.
Tip - These joey's are the perfect size to be used whole. For that extra bit of distance on the cast, trim off the tail and fins.

  • Joey's - 5 Medium Fish Per Pack.

  • Medium Mack's - 4 Fish Per Pack.