Anglers World Product Spotlight - Nashbait Scopex Squid

in Nov 11, 2022


It's 30 years since Kevin Gary first came up with Scopex Squid, which became one of the most renowned carp baits of all time. It was a huge hit in the 1990s and 2000s for Nashbait, but then disappeared from public view for a number of years. It was recently re-released due to popular demand and almost instantly re-established itself as a hugely potent big-fish bait!

Nashbait have always supplied Scopex Squid to top anglers under the radar and now it has been made available again to tens of thousands of carp anglers who have never had the opportunity to use it.

Throughout its life Scopex Squid has been responsible for countless PBs and records, including Gary Bayes’s capture of Two-Tone at a record weight of 61lb 2oz. This bait was the downfall of the mighty Two Tone no fewer than six times!

The recipe includes top ingredients including;

  • S Mix Base Mix
  • Squid extract
  • Scopex No.1,
  • Red Liver Oil

Scopex Squid has a subtle but distinct aroma and a higher nutritional aspect than most other carp baits on the market.

There’s a comprehensive range of options in the Scopex Squid line-up.

See the full range here.



The same incredible edge of flaked Scopex Squid boilies with added convenience of 5kg bulk bags for heavy users. Perfect for boat baiting, spod mixes and unbeatable over silt and weed to prolong feeding. 


Brilliant all season carpet feed that prolongs feeding and maximises the attraction in a swim to increase the chances of action.

Ideal for catapulting, PVA Bag Mixes, adding to spod mixes and groundbaits. For best results mix with dedicated Scopex Squid Liquid Bait Soak for even greater feeding stimulation.

Cultured Hookbaits & Pop Ups

These baits have undergone a layering and glazing process using the unique Nashbait living Culture infused with the deadly Scopex Squid attractors to constantly leak out attraction. 

The skin of a Cultured Hookbait breaks down slowly to release a nature identical feeding signal rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and nucleotides, with a track record for catching the very biggest carp and quickly!

Cultured Pop Ups use an advanced neutral density culture skin to remain balanced even after the attractive culture has dissolved. Cultured Pop Ups catch more, catch bigger and have an incredible track record for producing the rarest of bankside visitors.


Highest grade large French hempseed, boosted with the legendary Scopex Squid attractor package of Scopex No. 1, Red Liver Oil, sweetener and the addition of blended pure Atlantic Squid meat for a natural twist.

Already having accounted for some staggering carp including the biggest fish from Slovenia’s Lake Bled during testing Scopex Squid Hemp offers a unique alternative to traditional particle baits.

Nashbait Particles are fresh produce, cooked within sealed containers for a lengthy shelf life and optimum convenience. The introduction of handy 500ml as well as 2.5 litre jars offers a format for any session length and any application.

Mix with the innovative Nashbait Particle Liquids for limitless possibilities.


Scopex Squid is the bait that the carp world would not allow Nash to stop making! Responsible for more big carp than any other bait in history, it is the record breaker that no-one can forget!



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