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Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Liquid Attractant

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Dynamite Baits have a reputation for having the highest quality Marine Halibut Pellets. With a matching boilie boosted with sea salt, a liquid attractant was developed to accompany them.
It has all of the same attractors that you will find in the Marine Halibut baits and can be added to pellets, groundbait, stick mixes and PVA bags to give them something extra.
Brilliant as an enhancer for floating pellets when fishing on the surface, as oil slick with leak of the baits.
By soaking your hookbaits in the liquid a couple of days before you go fishing, it gives the baits a protective coating which prevents them from breaking down. Allowing you to fish with the same hookbait for a longer period of time.
It comes in a 250ml bottle with flip top lid for ease of use.