Fishus Espetit Stick Bait

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Espetit is a lure that allows for reaching long distances and precise casts with an extremely easy execution of walking/sliding techniques. Designed to catch those distrustful fish that are under pressure. 

When you stop it, this stick bait remains on the surface in horizontal position making it an easy sight for any predator that may be stalking around.
Then, with a simple tip move it will show the opposite flank, taunting and triggering the attack of the predator.

Features two cavities to adjust the amount of the bubbles produced depending on how we move it, creating confusion and commotion on its way.
The inner rattle generates a specific frequency for moments you need to make some noise, on the other side, a silent version is also available for times when we need no rattling. 

Espetit is the weapon that will allow any topwater fishing lover to make that desired big record fish bite!


  • Length: 140mm
  • Weight: 32g
  • Sound: Rattling
  • Hook Size: Treble #1