Fox Life Jacket Refill Kit

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  • Replacement Cylinder for Fox Camo Automatic Life Jacket
  • 150N
  • 33gr CO2 Cylinder

For anglers that are likely to be risking a dunk in the water, water safety is essential and anglers should be well prepared with all the essential gear before boarding a boat with all their tackle.

It is one thing to lose a rod into the depths of a lake but another for yourself to go overboard. Fox has the solution with its own Life Jacket but that alone will need maintenance between sessions to ensure if the jacket ever needs to inflate that is will not let you down.

With the Fox Life Jacket Refill Kit, you get a replacement cylinder for Fox Camo Automatic Life Jacket. This re-arming kit is a 33gr CO2 Cylinder that is capable of reinflating the jacket after use or when the previous cylinder is due to a change.

Using the refill ensures the restored buoyancy of the life jacket to 150N, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Fox.