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The Safe Zone principle came about through filming the State of the Art Underwater Carp Fishing films and Underwater 7 & 8. There can be no better way of learning about carp's behaviour around rigs than actually filming them in their natural environment. Every time we make a film there is no way we can show all the underwater footage that we record, it has to be edited severely just to get the films down to four hours! Sadly, this means that many of the patterns that emerge as a result of watching the fish non-stop cannot be fully shown in the films. Watching a pattern emerge is quite simply priceless, each film has shown something new but one common theme runs through them all: THE FISH KNOW THEY ARE BEING FISHED FOR!

Make no mistake, the rig you are using at this very moment can be seen by the carp, and the brighter the sun and the clearer the water the more it stands out. Fortunately, competitive feeding and being lucky enough for the rig to lay right every now and again does lead to captures. However, don’t kid yourself, your rig's ability to blend into its background will affect your run rate. The less they feel they are being fished for, the more bites you will get.