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Rod Hutchinson's Legend Flavours

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Using the original recipes and formulas, Rod Hutchinson flavours and additives are back! to make those dreams a reality.

Rod Hutchinson: "To those who don’t know, the Rod Hutchinson brand is the oldest established bait company in Carp fishing, first formed in the late seventies. Add to the fact that I had been making and formulating baits for friends since the late sixties, you will realise that over forty years of Carp fishing experience has gone into these products. We should know something by now, shouldn’t we? Names which are now common place in the Carp fishing world, such as Scopex, Monster Crab, Chocolate Malt, Megaspice, Sense Appeal, Protaste, Secret Agent, Mulberry Florentine etc, etc, all originated from this company. The names may have been copied many times, but the products have never been equalled."