ScandiPure Mutant Minnow - Green Stalker

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This Mutant Minnow - Green Stalker is created with green bucktail and flashing material. The Mutant Minnow will deliver when nothing else works because of its unique features. A paddle tail combined with a big hairy profile makes the lure unique and gives it a calm, natural rocking motion in the water. This combination makes the Mutant Minnow wiggle and wobble at all speeds, the perfect snack for big pike!

The lure can be fished with a start and stop technique. Due to it's light weight and hairy body, the Mutant Minnow will suspend in the water and give following pike the perfect chance to strike. The Mutant Minnow is slow sinking so it can be fished in shallow waters. Weight can also be added in the front so you can fish at any depth.

As an extra feature, The Mutant Minnow is fished with a rig that will detach partially when a fish is hooked. This protects the body and paddle tail from damage by fish teeth. This results in a long lasting lure! The Mutant Minnow is sold with a complete rig, hooks and the paddle tail is replaceable. So get ready to fish immediately!