Boatman Leader Pro V3 Bait Boat

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The Leader Pro V3 Bait Boats are manufactured by Boatman for leisure fishermen who are looking for a compact and powerful feed boat at a reasonable price. Featuring 3 Hoppers (1 in the middle of the boat body, 2 detachable side Hoppers) with a huge capacity for 7kg of bait. There is a baffle for the middle Hopper for separating different bait types and quantities.

At the touch of a button from your remote control (RC) you can easily deliver your pre-bait and hook bait from any of the 3 Hoppers with accuracy and precision to your target swim to a distance as far as 500m. The remote control also features a Hook Release Mechanism which operates at the rear of the boat - giving you total control to release your hooks in the right position for an easier catch!

These bait boats are built with durability in mind and have a sturdy hull and a large carry handle with Hopper cover in the middle. They have a quiet yet powerful drive system - the engines and the propellers are optimized to keep noise levels as low as possible so as not to disturb the fish. Each propeller is surrounded by a large guard to prevent the intake of grass or other debris that could impede the propellers.

LED front and rear lamps indicate the direction clearly when fishing during the evening or night. Night Light - 2 x white colour LED light on the front of boat. Boat battery indication light - 4 x yellow colour LED light on the front and back of boat.
Direction Indicator - 2 x red colour LED on the back of boat.

These bait boats are also visually stunning with a catamaran bottom structure and 5 class wave resistance!

The Leader Pro V3 intelligent RC System has so many outstanding modern features such as;

  • 56 different GPS waypoints
  • GPS positioning accuracy of 2m
  • 100 degree angle of detection
  • Auto Pilot mode for up to 8mins at a time
  • Sonar depth of 40m
  • Sonar accuracy of 0.1m
  • Auto Return to home point when out of signal or low power
  • Auto Return to home point after release of baits

Fighter Pro Contents:

  • Leader Pro V3 Boat
  • 4.7 inch Colour Sonar Screen
  • Remote Control
  • 2 x 7.4V 20A Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • USB chargers, charging cable & converter
  • 2 x Side Hoppers
  • 2 propellers
  • Towel
  • User Manual
  • Bait Boat Carry Case
  • (See image for all contents)

Technical Data:

- Colour: Carbon Black                                                                                                        - Length: 686mm
- Width: 476mm
- Height: 315mm
- Weight: 10.4kg
- Battery: 2 x Lithium 7.4V 20AH
- Charging time: 8-10 hours
- Working time: 5-6 hours
- Speed: 80m/min
- Distance Range: 500m
- Loading: max. 7kg bait                                                                                                    - Loading for Hook Mechanism: 2.3kg



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