Ghost Tackle SupraCruz V2 Trolling Paravanes

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SupraCruzV2   It is designed for trolling at high speeds, in high seas, with large baits and long line release. Every cut and detail is optimized for function, durability and low weight. 

SupraCruz V2 is easy to fish and reliable even in harsh weather without being jerky or jumpy.  SupraCruz V2  is also very comfortable to crank in and play fish with. The performance difference to the predecessor (SupraCruz) is that the SupraCruz V2 is more stable in tougher weather and has better traction at speeds above 2 knots. 

The patented resilient wing, is the signature of Ghost Paravanes and found on SupraCruz V2  in an efficient and durable version, where the suspension is mostly due to the wing being located between bushings of RTV silicone. This, together with the paravane's design of poly-carbonate plastic, allows it to withstand strong grip despite its low weight. Stepping on the paravane is no problem whatsoever. 

SupraCruz V2 is available so far only in Medium size. Medium size is the best choice for walking salmon fishing or pike trolling with large baits. The paravane's high carrying capacity and tensile strength allow the lead sink well above 100g, or flashers, to be used. 

The colours of the floating body come in fluro-yellow (right side) and fluro-red (left side) and consist of UV-resistant rubber coating with very good visibility. 

Scotty®  Power Mini Grip Plus link bracket is fitted as standard. 

We sell them as a complete pair - Left x 1 + Right x 1

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