Berkley PowerBait Beat'n Paddle Frog 5 Pack

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The Berkley PowerBait Beat’n Paddle Frog is molded with two oversized paddle tail style feet. It beats the water with a rhythmic sound and displays topwater splashing action that bass want to crush. Made from a sturdy material for better durability so anglers can fish way back into heavy cover and catch multiple fish per bait.

Perfectly weedless presentation. Infused with a heavy dose of exclusive PowerBait scent formula that makes fish hold on up to 18-times longer, giving you more time to set the hook. Available in a vast selection of colours that bass can’t resist!

Length: 10cm / Weight: 15g

Key Features

  • Paddle tail style feet beat the water with a sound bass want to crush
  • Ultra real look and life-like HD Tru Colours for the ultimate frog fishing experience
  • Unique perpendicular hook-point keepers protect single hook and double frog hook rigs allowing you to fish in all structures
  • Sturdy body for fishing in heavy cover and catching multiple fish per bait
  • Easy-to-start paddle action can be worked at a variety of speeds
  • Designed to rig weedless with double-frog hook and single hook