Berkley Zilla Glider

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The Berkley Zilla Glide is an easy-to-fish glide bait with a beautiful flanking action when steadily retrieved. Give it some jerks and pauses to create an even more attractive, erratic action. The Weight Ramp system ensures further casts and an abnormal, loud rattle when jerked. Equipped with sharp Fusion19 trebles a perfect bait to catch Pike in shallow and deeper waters.

Key Features:

  • Weighted with eco-friendly materials
  • Gliding side-to-side on steady retrieve
  • The Weight Ramp system ensures longer and precise casts
  • Equipped with razor sharp Fusion 19 treble hooks
  • Abnormal, loud rattle when jerked
  • Diving depth: 0.5 - 2m
- Length: 16cm
- Weight: 65g
- Hook Size: 1/0