DAM Effzett Rattlin' Spinner

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The EFFZETT Rattlin’ Spinners are equipped with the unique and innovative 2nd generation of the Rattlin’ Body Concept. Due to the wings on the second generation, the body is constantly turning underwater and keeps the steel balls inside moving and rattlin’.

The EFFZETT Rattlin’ Spinners come with 2 unique features that create a nice side effect. Because of the special shape of the blade, the rattlin’ body and the spinner blade are always turning into the opposite direction. These two opposite rotations also minimize the rotation of the spinner wire to practically zero, so the fishing line is not twisted.

  • Unique Rattlin’ Body Concept
  • 3 x Attractive (Visual, Pressure and Sound)
  • Feather treble for extra attraction
  • 0,9mm stainless steel spring wire
  • #6/25g/13cm