Drennan Esox Power Pikeflex 12' 3.25LB

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At 12ft (3.6m) and with a test curve of 3.25lb the blank is capable of distance casting big deadbaits up to 8oz. The subtle, dark platinum blank is fitted with seven large diameter SIC guides, enabling stop lots to pass freely and optimising the distance. Just one 25mm line guide is fitted to the butt section. Guides are double legged, adding extra rigidity to the blank, which helps set big trebles into bony jaws and to safeguard the rings against the rigours of big-water piking.
The high modulus carbon blank has impressive reserves of power but a responsive tip for good line control, useful for counteracting drift when fishing at range. The progressive action comes through into the butt section, making the rod an excellent shock absorber and ideal for subduing big, hard-fighting pike.
Finished with an attractive cork handle with short EVA section and stainless E-Sox butt cap. At 25 inches (64cm), the handle enables double-hand overhead casting to compress the blank and get heavy rigs out to that distance drop-off.
A quality Fuji DNPS 20 screw-up reel fitting will accommodate all but the biggest reels.
Recommended for use with mainlines of 10lb to 15lb mono or braids of higher breaking strains.

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