Drennan Super Specialist Barbel Hooks

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The Super Specialist Barbel design is nothing unusual, being based around the tried and tested standard hook pattern.
The hooks shank is short to medium in length with a full half circular curve to the functional whisker barb and elongated point. The extra long point of the Drennan Super Specialist Barbel hook is immensely sharp giving instant penetration on the take, making it virtually impossible for the fish to eject the hook once in its mouth.
There are two noticeable features on the Super Specialist Barbel that make them stand out in the crowd. Firstly you have a Teflon coating that with its non-reflective dull charcoal grey colouration makes this blend in to its surroundings far better than a standard hook. By using Teflon coated hooks you will dramatically reducing sun glare, when fishing in shallow or exceptionally clear waters, especially in bright light conditions.
The second and most beneficial feature of the hook is the addition a slightly in-turned eye. This eye has been very neatly finished off eliminating any chance of your hook length breaking when the fish is in full charge from eye abrasion, which I have experienced from other brand of hook in these aggressive take situations. The in-turn angle also makes the hook ideal for use with the Knotless Knot, once tied and tensioned it makes the hook slightly kick out, which is exactly what you want the hook to.

Key Features -
  • Heavy Gauge 
  • Teflon Coated
  • Barbed
  • Elongated point
  • Short shank
  • Slightly in-turned eye
  • Full half circle curve