Gamakatsu G-Carp A1 Camo Coating Hooks

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Camouflaging the carp set-up forms a very important part of the modern carp angler’s success. Gamakatsu brings camouflage to the next level by introducing a special hook- coating!
After intensive development and fieldtesting we have succeeded to create a coating which does not only look the part, but also embraces the excellent hooking capacities of the Gamakatsu G-Carp A1. The duo-tone coating is available in two versions, which are specifically adopted to our European style of carp fishing. The first color combination, ‘dark forest’ with ‘apple green’, can be perfectly used near weed beds and lily pads. The second color combination is designed for maximum camouflage on sandy and silt bottom, the blend of coffee brown and sand makes it virtually invisible underwater.
Both hooks are available in the proven Specialist and Super patterns and are built with first class Gamakatsu G-Carp A-1 material. This material contains components such as Tungsten and Vanadium. For hook manufacturing, this is an absolute unique combination... the hooks are 20% stronger then traditional hooks made from normal steel material. Next to strength, the A-1 material is harder and more wear resistant.
To summarize it: optimal camouflage, excellent patterns and made from the best material available!
G-Carp Specialist
Specialist Wide Gape - The ultimate all rounder. Superb for mid range carp fishing, chub and barbel, the Specialist wide gape is the first choice hook for many anglers. The slick Teflon coating combined with G-Point delivers instant penetration.
G-Carp Super 
The G-Carp Super Hook can be used effectively for a variety of pop-up assemblies. The Super Hook rotates during bite to perfectly and securely engage in the lower lip of the carp. Forged for toughness and features the innovative Nano Smooth coating for fast penetration. Carp have sensitive sucker-lips. They’ll drop a bait the second they feel anything sharp. That’s why we’ve carefully shaped all the new G Carp hooks to hide perfectly concealed within every type of bait.