Ghost Tackle Catch N' Release Weight Holder

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It's rare that something so simple and inexpensive, can improve your fishing, so much. Primarily designed for trolling, this device has many uses and benefits for other fishing methods.

Catch N´ Release Weight Holder from Ghost Tackle is a revolutionary innovation that allows you to gently and quickly attach the sinker to any position on the line without having to remove them before landing the fish! The release system was developed primarily to replace fixed rubber bands, line clips, stoppers etc., that must be removed from the line before fish can be landed. This product must be used to understand how good it is! Recommended for all fishing where weights must be used to bring the bait down to the right depth. However, there are many uses for this product!

Super simple system for attaching weight to the line.

During the fight, the clip releases, sliding down the line.

Super suitable for trolling for salmon, ferox and pike.

Keeps your lure or bait deep and on an even plane.

Available in pack of 3 pcs.

  • Catch N´Release Weight Holder
  • Instruction manual on the back of the packaging
  • 3-Pack
  • Optimal for line dimension between 0.20 and 0.50 mm.

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