Greys Prowla Anti-Tangle Tube Sinkers

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Prowla Anti-Tangle Tube Sinkers can be fished with a float rig or on a straight ledger. Simply thread your main line through the tube, tie on your trace and pull the trace swivel into the rubber tube. This gives a semi-fixed weight and helps to prevent over wraps and tangles when fishing in deep water. The tube sinker offers a quick-change ability working in exactly the same manner as Prowla Quick Change In-Line Sinkers. Simply pop open the weight stem, slide the lead off your line, replace with the desired size, and click the stem parts back together.
  • * Prevents over-wraps when fishing in deep water
  • * Quick-change weight system
  • * Available in 4 weight sizes
  • * Olive green tubing
  • * Market first Technical Specification
  • * 15, 20, 30 and 40g sizes
  • * Total sinker assembly length 130mm
  • * Tube diameter 2mm (i/d)
  • * Weight colour - batt black
  • 2 Per Pack