Invisa Swivel Clear Swivel

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Fluoro-Clear/Invisible in Water - The swivels are almost invisible in water. They do not reflect light or shine. Fish will not detect this like an ordinary swivel. Virtually Indestructible - These swivels will not break like ordinary metal swivels. You can take the 55lb swivel and bend it back and forth and it will recover to the original form and function perfectly. Further, you can take 80lb test line and tie it onto either end of the 55lb swivel with a standard clinch knot. This will form a loop around the swivel and then tug on it to prove the incredible product strength. Warning: Your skin will tear before the swivel breaks!!! Neutrally Buoyant - The swivel properties consist of an industrial resin compound that will perform at a very slow sink rate. Therefore the swivel will not tug on the line at all. One of the best uses is the Carolina Rig. Non-Metallic, Non-Corrosive - Will not corrode when used in freshwater or saltwater. Maintenance-free. Natural Bait Presentation - The InvisaSwivel allows the entire rig to be Fluoro-Clear which provides a natural bait presentation without any distractions. Braid to Fluoro/Mono - The InvisaSwivel allows those anglers that have a difficult time tying line to line an alternative. Braid to Fluoro or Braid to Mono is a perfect application with standard clinch knots being used rather than Uni to Uni. Knot Strengthening Design – Please notice the notches on the top and bottom of the swivel. These serve 2 purposes. First if you hold up the swivel and look through the notch then you are also looking through the hole where the line goes. Therefore, you can thread the line through easier. Second, when you tie your knot (we recommend the standard clinch knot), you can cinch down the knot into that notch and your knot has now strengthened and is less likely to come loose and undone. The InvisaSwivel strengthens your knot! GREEN – Lead free!!! Save our beautiful outdoors for generations to come.

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