Korda Boilie Funnel Web PVA System & Refills

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The Boilie Funnel Web is slightly narrower than the original Funnelweb, making it ideal for situations when you have to cast further.

Two or three baits placed into a PVA bag can be very effective – just enough of a mouthful to create a take without overfeeding. You don’t just have to use boilies, though, you can place maggots, micro pellets or crushed baits inside when using the micromesh version.

Not only that, you can create the ultimate PVA sticks. Just like the others, the system comes complete with a compressor stick to create the tightest sticks. You receive 7 metres of PVA on each system and the tube comes colour-coded to help match the refills correctly. 

- Easy-to-use PVA loader system and mesh
- Suitable for making bags and sticks
- Micromesh and Hexmesh available
- Refills available in 5mt and 20mt.