Korda State Of The Art Underwater Carp Fishing Volume 1

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KORDA SAYS "State of the Art Underwater Carp Fishing' shows you, for the first time, how fish feed by putting a camera right in front of their nose! Never before have anglers been able to study the behaviour of their quarry in totally natural surroundings, at such close quarters, in an angling situation... Forget everything you learned and start again! Presented by Danny Fairbrass, the video is set on one very small clear patch on the Carp Society's famous Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire. Follow Danny as he moves through a host of rigs and as he uses the advantage of seeing the fish pick up his rigs to answer many previously unanswered questions in this massive 4-hour epic. Watch as rigs are introduced to the swim once the fish's confidence has grown; see how they approach the rig and note if they are aware of it. See for the first time what really happens when a feeding frenzy starts. For years anglers have debated what really goes on underwater, this video settles many of those arguments with underwater footage that leaves no room for debate. These are just a few of the myths we will answer for you... We watched in amazement as we shot this video and it has without doubt made a massive difference to our own fishing. You will never stop learning from this groundbreaking new footage!" Tight Lines! Danny Fairbrass • How does a spod full of bait land on the bottom? • When do they feed on it? • What is the right amount of bait to introduce and how important is location? • Do Carp and Tench feed differently, are the Tench really as cute as we have been told? • Do the Carp really muscle the Tench out or will they feed together? • Do they pick out their favourites from the spod mix or are they indiscriminate? • How much bait do the nuisance fish eat and does the whole spod mix get to the bottom? • What's the reaction to pop-ups? • What is the fish's reaction to a slow sinking bottom bait and is a bait hard on the bottom less or more effective? • Does the tubing spook the fish and does the colour of the lead system make a difference? • How does a stiff rig work underwater and how does a combi rig act differently? Running Time: Tape/Disc one - 120mins approx. Tape/Disc two - 120mins approx.

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