Korda Underwater DVD : Part 1 - 5

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Danny Fairbrass and the Korda team go sub-surface to open up the wonderful world of carp fishing, directly in front of the camera. Watch monstrous carp react against our rigs, check out the way that they feed on certain baits and areas of the lake bed. You cannot fail to learn from this groundbreaking series.

Part One:
Filmed at Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire. Danny discovers gems such as, how a spod full of bait land on the bottom? When do fish feed on it? How much bait to introduce and the importance of location.

Part Two:
Korda follows a marker float from 80 yards out, right up to the margins; through gravel and sand. Using split screen technology we marry this footage with exactly what Danny is doing on the bank so you can see if what we think is out there is really out there. You will never find out more about feature finding in one video.

Part Three:
Shot at RMC's aptly named 'Blue Pool' in the south of England this film again concentrates on studying the carp feeding on the lake bed from a fishes eye view. In this footage you will see how the carp feed on free baits and those connected to a rig, and you will see carp actually hooking themselves on, and getting away with, many of today's most up to date rigs.
Follow Korda's founder Danny Fairbrass as he moves through a host of presentations in order to achieve consistent action from these very cute clear water carp.

Part Four:
Part 4 concentrates on the carp’s reaction to PARTICLE BAITS.
For the first time ever watch the carp feed and get caught on maggots, the feeding response they create is different to that of boilies alone. Follow Danny as he continues to look at new ways of fooling these very wary creatures in the clear waters of RMC's Blue Pool.
Action comes from the first cast and no less than 9 carp are caught on camera from the moment they pick up the bait to rolling over the cord of the landing net, add to this lost fish, aborted takes and countless occasions when they sense something is wrong and avoid the rig. Plus, watch Danny falling in and being caught with his trousers down!

Part Five:
Join Danny and the team as they undertake the mission to catch and film from start to finish an English 30lb carp on the banks of the beautiful Wellington Country Park. Filmed more in the style of a documentary you will be able to watch from the moment the cameras go in. See the frustrations the team have with technical problems then witness the excitement as the crystal clear waters give host to the best footage of big carp feeding ever filmed.
The cameras follow Danny as he tries to fool some of the wiliest carp the team have ever filmed and with new technology watch as the 'close up' really does give a fishes eye view of the rig and the carp picking up and getting away with lots of different presentations.

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