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Now into its ninth season, Thinking Tackle continues to set the standard for carp fishing on TV. When it hit the screens just under a decade ago, it elevated the profile of carp fishing, and it's host, a certain Danny Fairbrass! Since launch, some of the biggest names in carp angling have appeared on the show and we've been to most of the most popular and famous lakes in the UK.

Tactics have always been a huge part of the show and if the guys use it, then they show it so you can copy their secret edges. So, you get a privileged glimpse into the methods that our top carp anglers use in their own fishing through the detailed technical sections. 

Across the nine double DVDs you can catch the likes of Darrell Peck, Simon Scott, Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove, James Turner, Scott Maslen, Gaz Farnham, Terry Hearn and a whole host more! If you can't learn from that lot, then there's no hope for you!

The whole back catalogue is available on DVD for your viewing pleasure!

Seasons 4 - 8 available.