Rebel Pike Lamprey Deadbait

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Lampreys were a food delicacy in the Middle Ages, but they are now used mainly for bait. Lamprey are parasitic, they live on the blood from the host fish. They are smooth-skinned with a row of seven respiratory openings each side of the body. Lamprey have no bony skeleton.

This lamprey that is packed for bait is the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus), a marine species that is native to the Atlantic coast of North America and Europe. All lampreys breed in fresh water, usually in clear streams with gravely, sandy bottoms. Marine lampreys swim up freshwater river and streams like salmon, climbing weirs and waterfalls that obstruct their path, using their sucking mouths to attach themselves to rocks in order to take a rest in fast currents.

As a pike bait they prove to be very efficient, this is due to large amounts of blood released when cut. This leakage will continue in a steady flow over a few hours as your bait lies in the water.

NOTE: When ordering our deadbait, please order a minimum of 8 packs. All frozen deadbait orders are now shipped using a free thermal secure, poly-prop, fish box. 8 packs maximises the internal space and ensures our deadbait reaches you in top condition. Orders of less than 8 packs will not be shipped in a poly-prop fish box, so there is a greater risk the bait will de-frost. 

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