Mainline Baits Oils

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There are two types of fish feed inducing oils, the Fosoil and the Ultra-Marine. The Fosoils are designed for the fish farming industry as a feed inducing coating for pelleted foods, and are suited to any of the fishmeal base mixes in the range at 5ml per egg.

As most oils coagulate in colder water, the Ultra-Marine was formulated and has been refined and heat-treated to be used throughout the year at the same levels as the Fosoils. Both of the oils are an ideal hi-fat source in any of the base mixes, not only the fishmeals. They should be used at about 15ml per pound for this purpose.

Use at 20ml per 1kg of bait.

Hempseed Oil

This is one of the best natural attractors for carp.

Now vailable in its extracted form, Concentrated Hempseed Oil is perfect for coating/glugging your boilies, particles, pellets, and enhancing groundbaits & method mixes.

Use at 20ml per 1kg of bait.

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