Mikado Q.M.F Aperio Method Feeder Set with Mold

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Quick Method Feeder Set containing feeders and feeder mold.

Newest release of the great Aperio Method Feeders. Q.M.F. is a system that allows you to quickly and easily exchange the feeder, not taking the entire rig apart in process. Remove the rubber sleeve, slide the feeder off the pin, change it to different one.

The method feeder filling mold is easy to use - place the lure with a hook in the middle of it, cover it with a bait or a pellet and squeeze it with a feeder. The bait perfectly sticks to the feeder and the lure stays on top of the bait cairn.

  • Large Set contains: 3 x 30g Feeder + Feeder Mold
  • XL Set contains: 2 x 50g Feeder + Feeder Mold