'My Way' by John Wilson (Book)

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Over the decades John has brought us his adventures, successes and tactics but never his un-plugged opinions. In this book Wilson holds nothing back and if it’s got to be said he tells it straight without hesitation. In a life that has been filled with angling few can be better placed to describe the trials and tribulations that threaten the greatest of field sports.

In a world that demands political correctness this book bucks the trend, making it compulsive reading. You may love or hate his opinions but you will be forced to have one as you turn the last page and that is exactly what the author intended. Of course his words will also help you in your own personal challenges as John, to coin a phrase, has ‘bought the T-shirt’ and worn it many times.

So sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride – Wilson unleashed and at his controversial best!