Nashbait Instant Action Pellets

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Ideal for warm water - Instant Action Pellet instantly increases the food signal in the water. A fast breakdown ensures it keeps fish feeding harder and longer, and is perfect for bag fillings, method mixes and spod mixes, leaving loads of residual taste and smell.

Instant Action Micro Pellets are different to most pellets because they don’t break down, remaining as tiny individual food items to hold carp and prolong feeding. Add Booster Juice or Plume Juice stirred over them to coat them as and give an important taste and smell link from your carpet feed to the boilie or pop up.

Slightly dampen Micro Pellets to mold them together, making them ideal for Ball Maker molds and Ball Blasters or molding around flatbed method feeders or tractor and other flat design leads.

Available in 2mm & 6mm (750g).