Nash Pinpoint Precision Sharpening Kit

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The Precision Sharpening Kit holds the Nash Pinpoint hardware you need for razor sharp points at all times, all in a smart, travel-safe, securely zipped EVA case with internal elastic retainers.

The kit is designed to help you keep your hooks in the best shape possible, for as long as possible and includes everything you’ll need to sharpen and restore your hooks. It enables anglers to sharpen, rather than replace their tried and trusted hooks, so they can always fish with tackle that they know can perform, and that they feel comfortable with.

The kit contains a Precision Double Diamond File (professional grade) with a coarse 400 grade side for sharpening your hook points, and a finer 600 grade reverse for polishing them once sharpened. The LED Eye Glass enables you to see exactly what you’re doing with pinpoint accuracy and the Sharpening Vice holds your hooks securely while you work on them. Last but not least, the Finishing File brings your sharpened hooks to performance perfection!

The heavy duty EVA case makes this hook sharpening kit from Nash easy to store and transport, and ensures you’ll have it all in one place when you need it.


  • Precision Double Diamond File
  • LED Eye Glass
  • Sharpening Vice
  • Finishing Files (2 plus handle)

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