Nash Tungsten Naked Chod and Helicopter Safe Top Bead

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The safest top release bead for chod and helicopter rigs, allowing links to be secured for the longest casts but still slide free in event of line breakage to prevent a carp towing an end tackle, and without discarding components into the environment.

The central stop bead slides from the wire mount to grip main lines from 0.28-0.40mm for a secure stop on mono or braid. Under controlled pressure the bead slides from the tapered central stop to allow a hooklink to pass safely over it.

Tungsten impregnated, extra dense Naked Helicopter Beads also pin down the line behind your end tackle for improved concealment especially when slack lining.

Naked Chod and Helicopter Safe Top Beads can be re-used by threading on to Maggot Needles and mounting again for a new end tackle.

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