Nashbait Citruz Flake 1kg

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The unstoppable Nashbait fruit blend – now available in high viz yellow!

One of Kevin Nash's original big carp edges, Flake is produced from whole boilies after they are cooked, exactly the same as the baits that are bagged up to be sold. They are then passed through a cutting machine to produce two distinct elements - 1) a large percentage of chopped irregular boilie slices, and 2) a finely ground crumb element that is brilliant for creating a cloud, and instantly adding smell and taste to a swim. Citruz Flake is deadly over weed and silt!

It's the number one ingredient for grubbing mixes in the edge, feeding from boats and in spod mixes with the flake keeping carp feeding harder and for longer than boilies alone.

At times when a single bite is what you are after Citruz Flake comes into its own as a PVA bag filling, or try Alan Blair's favourite mix using Citruz Flake, liquids and mashed bread to create an irresistible high attract slop. Just a small handful is enough to win bites where other bait combinations fail.