PB Products Hit & Run X-Safe Leadclips

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This revolutionary lead clip changes the way that a fish has to deal with a rig and a leader should a breakage occur.

When used with the other, dedicated components, it will create a set up whereby the fish can jettison not just the lead but the entire leader.

The system works on the principle that the swivel is free running on the tungsten leader. Should the lead become caught up, the swivel pulls out of the stem/clip and the leader passes through the lead system allowing the swivel to come off the end of the leader or trailing line. This gives the ultimate in safety for the lead system and also stops the fish from using the lead to shake the hook out, as if the fish picks up the bait, tightens the hooklink against the lead and then shakes its head, the swivel will then pop out of the stem/clip and allow the line to run through the lead system in the same way as a running rig, without making the setup unsafe!