Penn Battalion Tuna Spin Rods

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Two rods designed for tuna lure casting. Whether you fish on the Mediterranean, Bay of Biscay or off the Brittany coasts where stocks of bluefin tuna are on the increase. The design and cosmetics are a delight to see. On the technical side, they display a nice progressive action with just enough flexibility in the tip, to propel small lures, with a large reserve of power at the bottom. Targeting fish at about thirty kilos, a line class of 60lb is usually enough, which will allow you to launch further and enjoy even small fish. For larger specimens, the80lb rod will be better suited, providing more authority and avoiding fights that drag out for a break.

  • Fuji SIC K-Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • High Grade Carbon blank
  • EVA handle
  • Mixture of 24T/30T carbon blank
  • Short butt + Long tip construction

 Model Power Length Guides Pieces Material Handle
Battalion Tuna Spin 80-130g 80-130g 8.3ft Fuji 1+1 Carbon EVA
Battalion Tuna Spin 100-180g 100-180g 8.1ft Fuji 1+1 Carbon EVA