Rebel Pike Pollan Deadbait

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Please read our shipping conditions for frozen bait...
Pollan is proving to be the new "Wonder" bait. It has several unique characteristics; it is a self buoyant bait which naturally "pops up", it has no distinct scent, its skin is almost white, except for its upper back. These allow for a bait which is very easy to dye with different colours and treat with flavours and oils. It is actually a freshwater fish, commonly referred to as a "Land- Locked Herring".
Tip - use Pollan on weedy bottoms or the sunk-float paternoster rig.

Loose - these are bag sealed but not vacuum packed, so swim bladders are 100% intact. 

NOTE: When ordering our deadbait, please order a minimum of 8 packs. All frozen deadbait orders are now shipped using a free thermal secure, poly-prop, fish box. 8+ packs maximises the internal space and ensures our deadbait reaches you in top condition. Orders of less than 8 packs will not be shipped in a poly-prop fish box, so there is a greater risk the bait will de-frost.