Quantum Mr. Pike Ghost Traces Twin Hook Release Rig

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Ghost-Wire - the brand new and extremely inconspicuous steel leader for fishing in open water! Together with the Danish fishing expert Jens Bursell, Quantum have developed two perfect pike leaders for float fishing or fishing with floating bait fish.

The Twin Hook Release Rig with its two titanium side arms is designed in such a way that the baitfish detaches itself from the leader when it hits the hook and thus grips the hooks much better in the mouth. Long-term tests have shown a rate of more than 90% more fish yield!

Equipped with high quality carbon steel hooks tied to 40lbs (18kg) Ghost Wire carbon steel leader. In addition to the unique AFW leader material, only original AFW ferrules in the right size are installed to ensure consistent quality.


  • Hook Size: #4 & #6
  • Hook Number: 2
  • Colour: White
  • 1 piece