Reaction Strike Bass Harasser Swimbait lure

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"You are looking at the next Big Lure in trophy predaror fishing !" The Bass Harasser does everything your favourite swimbait does, PLUS much, much more. With stunning paintjobs plus scale and fin detail that look as good as the real thing, it will feel like fishing with a live trout. The lures advanced hook harness allows for different hook set-ups - each bait has a double frog hook wired into the bait which can be removed to allow bottom tripping and a stinger hook attachment at the dorsal fin.......its no wonder the Bass Harasser is taking the marketplace by storm. The 8" Bass Harasser Medium Fall is available in 5 stunning lifelike colours. The 10" Bass Harasser Slow Fall is available in 2 stunning likelike colours. The 4" Bass Harasser Medium Fall 3 lure pack is available in 2 stunning lifelike colour and an assorted pack of 3 colours. 4" 3 pack - €10.99 - Colours available: Rainbow Trout, California Trout, Assortment 3 colours. 8" - €10.99 - Colours available: Brown Trout, Brook Trout, California Trout, Planter Silver Trout, Gold Sides PP Trout. 10" - €15.99 - Colours available: California Trout, Rainbow Trout