Rebel Pike Freshwater Eel Concentrated Fish Attractor 120ml

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New and unique, from Rebel Pike, these liquid predator attractants will lift your pike and predator fishing, to a higher level.

Not to be confused with the many fish oil offerings, these scent attractors create a feeding zone where it matters, around your hook bait. Created on s sticky, water soluble carrier, each flavour has its own unique attraction, with subtle colouring. These attractants have a wide variety of uses and we are confident they will add a new dimension to your angling. We will leave the final word to the Pike Doctor.....

"I have been a fan of attractors, oils, colours and flavours, for most of my angling life and have experimented with everything that triggered my imagination. I have been testing and developing my own range for many years now and I am proud to finally bring them to the angling market and your attention"

  • Winter Ready - No need for emulsifiers or winterising in cold water.
  • Water Soluble - Creates scent trail around your bait NOT metres away.
  • Pulling Power - Attracts predators to your hook bait.
  • Boosted with Feeding Triggers & Attractants.
  • PVA Friendly.
  • Addictive to All Fresh and Salt Water Predators.
  • Use with Live, Dead, Natural and Artificial Baits.
  • Multi-use applicator nib, reduces spills and wastage.
  • Produced in Ireland by Anglers for Anglers.

Freshwater Eel Concentrated Attractor should be used sparingly. 


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