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Rebel Pike Jumbo Freshwater Eels

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Please read our shipping conditions for frozen bait, before ordering....

Eels inhabit all freshwater courses, including rivers, lakes, canals and ponds, which naturally puts them high on the pikes daily menu! They are a great natural bait and can be used successfully throughout all the seasons. They also lend themselves to fishing with all methods, whether whole or in sections. A very tough bait that will withstand tough conditions and long casts.

Our eels are top quality and frozen at source. We only stock the largest fish, which are up to 14 inches long. These are known to be a selective bait, in attracting really big pike, especially in rivers!

3 Fish per Pack.

NOTE: When ordering our deadbait, please order a minimum of 8 packs. All frozen deadbait orders are now shipped using a free thermal secure, poly-prop, fish box. 8 packs maximises the internal space and ensures our deadbait reaches you in top condition. Orders of less than 8 packs will not be shipped in a poly-prop fish box, so there is a greater risk the bait will de-frost.