Rebel Pike Kipper Fish Oil Flavour 120ml

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"Kipper" is another new Predator Fish Oil in the Rebel Pike range. We believe this one will seriously challenge our Haggis Oil, for Top Spot!

It is a "nod" to a similar product that the Pike Doc used , over 20 years ago. After it disappeared off the market, he had searched and experimented with many ingredient's to recreate his favourite pike oil. Now after several years of testing, he is satisfied to offer you, his Kipper Pike Oil. It has a strong, deep aroma, that sets it apart from most other fish oils, so use it sparingly. The flavour ingredient sticks to your bait and pulls in those Big predators.  

Made with 100% Pure Fish Oil, it creates a strong, attractive  predatory scent, along with a rich oily slick.

  • Winter Ready - No need for emulsifiers or winterising in cold water.
  • Made with 100% Atlantic Fish Oils.
  • High in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • PVA Friendly.
  • Addictive to All Fresh and Salt Water Predators.
  • Use with Live, Dead, Natural and Artificial Baits.
  • Multi-use applicator nib, reduces spills and wastage.
  • Produced in Ireland by Anglers for Anglers.

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