RidgeMonkey QC Rotator Sleeves

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A semi-stiff translucent sleeve designed to be used with the RM-Tec QC Rotator Swivel, featuring a pronounced bend to kick your hook over at precisely the right angle for maximum rig efficiency. Covers the rounded Quick Change elbow of the QC Rotator Swivel and is a critical component to ensure your rig remains neat, tidy and secure. Incorporates an integral hook ring stop to prevent your mini hook swivel from jamming on the sleeve allowing it to reset automatically if the rig is rejected.

  • Semi-stiff
  • Dull translucent finish
  • Integral hook ring stop allows rig to reset.
  • Create perfect ‘Ronnie Rigs’ with the RM-Tec QC Rotator Swivel
  • 10 per pack
  • Available in Weed Green & Organic Brown