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Savage Gear 3D Mack Stick 13cm / 50g

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Based on the scan of a real Mackerel – with superb detail and a very realistic profile. The lure is built very though with reinforced inside structure and thru-going welded stainless steel wire, to withstand brutal predator fish!

The lure casts far and will swim with a nervous and very realistic action even at fast speed – can also be jerked and pulled for great gliding and unpredictable movement pattern!

Inside Flash Paper and PHP colors with incredible details makes the Mack Stick a very unique lure, that can be used for many species – like Tuna, GT, Snapper, Blue fish – you name it!

• Hard ABS Reinforced Body
• Thru going welded SS wire
• Inside Flash paper
• Extra strong ST66 Trebles in DG finish
• Xtra strong Splitrings
• Xtra strong single hooks supplied
• Slow Sink

• Hook size #1