Savage Gear 3D Shrimp Twitch DR

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Based on the scan of a shrimp, with fine details and super realistic profile. The suspending lure runs tight and vibrating at steady retrieve, and darts with wide erratic jumps on twitching.

Long cast design, with a small clicking rattle, imitating a fleeing shrimp perfect. A perfect Finesse twitch bait for Perch, Trout, chub and most predator fish Out there.

- Suspending Lure
- 5.2cm / 6.4g
Key Features:
  • 3D Scanned details
  • Longcast system
  • Tungsten loaded
  • Darting and vibrating action
  • Florescent colours & details for increased visibility to the fish
  • Suspending in freshwater
  • SGY 1X BN Trebles
  • Tank tested
  • Running depth SR: 1.5m -2.5m