Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk

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Size 16.5cm Firetiger
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Savage Gear have tuned and tested to come up with a #SavageGear Classic Re-designed. The original 4Play was a sensational success on predatory fish all over the world and with the V2 they've smashed it again.

Based on a 3D scan of a Herring the 4play V2 has four articulated segments that gives them their characteristic incredibly lifelike swimming action. These swim & jerk versions don't dive down like the lip lures allowing you to fish in the surface film drawing spectacular strikes.

Sizes: 16.5cm/35g & 20cm/65g - Slow Sinking Lure.

Key Features:

• 3 Joints, 4 parts
• Semi soft PVC tail, hard ABS body
• Photo Chrome colours
• Super s-curve action – great side glide for stop and go technique
• Slow sink

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