Savage Gear Cast Hacker

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Style Mackerel AYU (FS)
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Small but mighty, the Cast Hacker is made for serious saltwater game fishing. This tough and solid Thru Wired hard lure has been designed with a ‘small and compact’ philosophy – small enough to fool predators, but strong enough to deal with any challenge.

With outstanding castability, you’ll be punching this lure up to 120 metres with ease – from the shore it can cover huge distances and search from the bottom to the surface, while in offshore fishing it can be cast into the feeding frenzy fish from great distance.

The FS (Fast Sinking) models have a vivid falling action that’s able to trigger strikes even from lazy fish and can be used with slower twitches – they also have amazing skipping action if they are retrieved fast with the rod high. This tungsten-tuned lure also features an internal rattle and is sure to become a must-have lure for inshore and offshore anglers alike.

11.5cm / 44g.

Key Features:
• Ultra-long cast design
• Great slide and skipping action
• VMS – vivid movement system
• Tungsten tuned
• Built-in rattle
• Super-compact reinforced Thru Wired design
• Sharp and strong saltwater treble hooks


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