Savage Gear LB Swim Squid

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Based on the scan of a real Squid, with superb details and a super realistic profile. The lure swims and looks just like a real squid and will fool even the most vary predator fish to attack it! The body fins pulse and the tentacles vibrate lively as the lure moves thru the water – making this lure the perfect squid imitation!

The loose body PVC lure can be rigged in many ways, it has a line thru channel for easy line thru rigging and a slot in the back for weedless EWG rigging. Can be rigged easy on jig heads and cork screw heads.

• 3D Scanned Details
• Line thru channel, for easy rigging
• Weed less EWG hook slot
• Ultra-lively like action
• Scented with Squid scent

12.5cm - 2 pcs pack
18cm - 1 pcs pack