Savage Gear Sandeel Pencil

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Style Blue Silver UV 9cm
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Savage Gear Sandeel Pencil is based on a 3D Scan of a Real Sandeel. This ensures the lure has a natural look and this coupled with the seductive head slightly up slim S-curve wiggle makes for a killer lure. The lure sinks slowly but runs level on the retrieve allowing you to search out the feeding fish.

A steady retrieve works well and if you add a pause to your retrieve the lure flutters and rolls backwards which can trigger some hard strikes so be prepared! For added attraction the lure has a built-in rattle chamber that sends out a loud clicking sound when twitched. Extreme long cast design allows you to cover the maximum amount of water.

Supplied with both a single and a treble hook, with the option to add the treble hook to the belly as well if you find you are missing takes by the fish hitting the center of the lure.

Sizes available: 9cm / 13g & 12.5cm / 19g.

Key Features:

  • Slow sinking
  • 3D Scanned real sandeel details
  • Long cast design
  • Seductive slim S-curve swimming action
  • Belly hook option
  • Built in rattle
  • Supplied with both a super sharp Y-treble and wide gape single

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