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Shack Attack Suzy Sucker Softbait Lure - Lumina Black Size : 9" The 9" Suzy Sucker is ideal for targeting predators in deep water. Weight 5.8oz. The 9" Shallow Suzy Sucker is a slow-sinking bait that you can work at various depths. Weight 4.5oz. The deep-running Suzy Sucker features 1 ½ oz of lead in the nose. This extra weight gets Suzy Sucker down deep. This bait is ideal for targeting predators in deep water; it will sink at approximately 1½ -2ft a second. With a slow to medium retrieve speed you will be able to keep this bait deep. Add a few twitches and jerks and then pause, allowing the bait to sink back down, then try ripping it up fast to induce strikes. With the extra weight you can burn the Sinking Suzy Sucker fast to cover more water or search out new areas. The fast-sinking Suzy Sucker has a hole in its dorsal fin to distinguish it from the shallow running Suzy Sucker. We have taken swim bait design to another level with the Shallow Suzy Sucker. This bait features some simple, yet unique design features that make this a truly versatile bait. Take a look at the tail; it's upside down compared to other swim baits. After extensive testing with various tail designs and sizes, we discovered that by turning the tail upside down, we could get Suzy Sucker bulging at the surface with her nose shimmying out the water, creating a wake. At the same time, the tail would continue to beat profusely below the water, giving off huge vibration. There is not another soft plastic swim bait on the market that can do this. To get Suzy Sucker to bulge at the surface, simply employ a steady retrieve speed and keep the rod tip high; you will soon have Suzy Sucker creating a bulge. This is a slow-sinking bait that you can work at various depths, but is best suited to shallow water presentations. About The Suzy Sucker The 9" Suzy Sucker was the lure that put Shack Attack Lures on the map. What makes the Suzy Sucker better than the competition? This was the first musky lure that actually resembled a sucker fish, a musky's favorite forage. Featuring an upside down paddle tail for a lifelike silhouette, it's this beating paddle tail that gives off huge amounts of vibration in the water. Predators use these vibrations to hone in on their prey during low light conditions or in colored water. The 9" Suzy Sucker was also the first lure to feature our external breakaway rigging system. This rigging system allows the hooks to break free from the body of the lure and in most cases, once the fish is hooked, the lure remains on the outside of the predator's mouth. This helps prolong the life of the lure.

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